• November 15, 2017

    2017 Iowa - Nebraska Ruck March

    The University of Iowa Veterans Association and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Veteran Organization are teaming up to raise awareness for US Military Veteran Suicide.While these two schools rival when it comes to football they have come together for a bigger cause.

    The military Veteran students will coordinate a ruck march of the game ball from Kinnick Stadium 347 miles to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the November 24th Cornhusker vs. Hawkeye football game.

    Our Ruckers will be carrying 20 lbs to honor the 20 Veterans who take their own lives every day. The 20 lbs will be comprised of personal belongings of the volunteer ruck marchers. These belongings will hold personal significance to their military experiences, or honor the service of friends or family.

    ​The 347 mile ruck march will kicked off on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017. Team Iowa will hand off the game ball to Team Nebraska on Sunday, November 19th at Freedom Rock 1199 IA-25 Menlo, Iowa

    Facebook: The Things They Carry Ruck March

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  • November 7, 2017

    Veterans Day Deals & Discounts

    A variety of Veterans Day discounts on restaurants, goods, services and events for 2017. Just a few of the venues:
    •Texas Roadhouse: Free Lunch on Veterans Day
    •Golden Corral: Military Appreciation Night
    •Applebee's Offers Free Meal on Veterans Day

    Veterans Day Retailer Discounts
    •Target Offers Veterans Day Military Discount
    •Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us Offer Veterans Day Military Discount
    •Sport Clips Offers Free Haircut on Veterans Day

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  • November 6, 2017

    Lilly's Learn To Earn After Action Report

    Hello Fellow Veterans,
    Two weeks we had another Learn to Earn event and I am glad to see many of you showed up to get information from Lilly. There were a lot of good questions and great dialogue with a company that has many opportunities for any one of us. This will be just a quick recap of some of the information and conversations that was gathered. First, we will go through a quick introduction to the representative then we will cover some of the questions asked.

    The representative was Dave Weyant. Mr. Weyant has had military background himself within the Army as a combat Engineer. He is from Bellevue and graduated from UNO with a BS in Political Science. He originally got into this industry through a company called Abbot Laboratories. He now works for Lilly as a Sales Representative and enjoys the impact he has.

    Why did you go to Lilly?
    Mr. Weyant mentioned Abbot Laboratories was looking to cut cost and he originally started working for Lilly as the Veterans Administrations representative.

    What are the pros and cons of Lilly?
    The cons are that it is a large company, so it takes a longer time for things to change. On the other side of that though Mr. Weyant enjoys the mission of Lilly which is to make everyone’s lives better.

    How is time off as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative?
    Contrary to popular belief, Pharmaceutical Sales, especially through Lilly, is really flexible. Your schedule changes to fit the needs of the customers and the industry is actually the leading for young mothers. Mr. Weyant himself works a lot from home, whether it be studying or reaching out to his clients.

    Why is Lilly looking for Veterans?
    They are working from top down and bottom up approach to promote diversity in the organization. Mr. Weyant mentioned that diversity of thought, background and experience is what they are looking for and talked on how it improves organizations.

    What does Lilly look for?
    This is job dependent, the goal overall is to find passion for customers and innovation. He mentioned a few hires that were specifically because of their entrepreneur’s mindset more than their qualifications. Lilly focusses on finding a skillset in their employees more than they focus on what they went to school for.

    How high are the standards, and which standards does Lilly abide by?
    Each country or conglomerate has their own regulatory body, Mr. Weyant mentioned. Not all medicines are approved in all countries and in fact, it takes longer in some to get the same medicine than it does in other due to those regulatory bodies.

    How do you stay up to date on training?
    Mr. Weyant mentioned that a good portion of his knowledge is self-taught on his own time. Much like the CBTs in the military, Lilly uses a similar training and testing style to ensure their people are as knowledgeable as possible.

    Why is Lilly different than other pharmaceutical companies?
    They are similar, companies will sometimes partner to help get medicines on the market since it costs so much to do so. He mentioned that for one medicine to get on the market it costs about 1 billion dollars and that not all of them even make it to the market.

    As always, have a great week.
    -Aaron B

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  • November 6, 2017

    Veterans Day Observances

    Veterans Day observances at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln will include a talk by the creator of Iowa’s Freedom Rock on Wednesday, 8 November 12:00pm - Nebraska Union Colonial A room and a reading of the names on Friday, 10 November 12:45pm - 5:00pm of Nebraskans who, since World War I, have died while in military service.

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  • October 23, 2017

    Remembering Our Fallen exhibit: 23 - 27 October

    From 23 October to 27 October, the Remembering Our Fallen exhibit will be displayed on the first floor of the Nebraska Union.

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  • October 23, 2017

    ** Scholarships ** Student Veterans of America - DEADLINE 6 November

    Student Veterans of America announce their Fall 2017 Scholarships:

    Raytheon - SVA Scholarship (Deadline to Apply: November 6th by noon 12:00 PM EST)
    This scholarship awards five student veterans with $10,000*

    Google SVA Scholarship (Deadline to Apply: November 6th by noon 12:00 PM EST)
    This scholarship awards eight student veterans with $10,000*

    Union Bank - Student Veterans Scholarships (Deadline to Apply: November 6th by noon 12:00 PM EST)
    This scholarship awards four student veterans with $10,000*

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