Education Overpayments & Summer Benefits

Education Overpayments & Summer Benefits

Six Very Important Questions You Need to Answer

  1. Has your current enrollment changed?
  2. Have you canceled or withdrawn from UNL for a term?
  3. Are you repeating a course to remove a grade of "D" from your record?
  4. Have you received a grade that does not count toward graduation?
  5. Have you applied for academic bankruptcy for a term?
  6. Have you changed your college and/or major?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, the payment of your VA educational benefits has been affected and an overpayment may have occurred.

Education Overpayments

Overpayment of educational benefits occurs when you receive an incorrect benefit payment that is more than what you are entitled to receive. The educational benefits you receive are affected by any changes you make in your current registration including full-time/part-time status, cancellation, withdrawal, college/major, and academic standing (dismissal).

Standards of Progress

Once you begin receiving educational benefits, you are required to make satisfactory progress toward graduation. The following briefly describes some of the standards of progress at UNL.

Repeated Courses

Each semester, the VA Clerk reviews your academic record for any repeated courses prior to certification. No repeated course may be certified for VA benefit payments if you previously received a satisfactory grade for the course. If you are repeating a course in which you initially received a grade of "C-", this course will not be used as part of your regular enrollment unless a grade of "C" or better is required by your approved program.

These requirements are stated in the Undergraduate Bulletin. In cases where a repeated course is discovered late, an adjustment will be made by the University and proper notification will be made to the VA regional office. This adjustment may result in an overpayment and/or reduction of benefits.


The effective date of any dropped course or withdrawal from the University is reported to the VA.

Grades of "N", "I", and "NR"

Courses with nonpunitive grades are not used to complete graduation requirements. The VA requires the University to report nonpunitive grades received by veterans using educational benefits. If you receive a nonpunitive grade in a course, that course will not be used in the calculation of UNL enrollment status for the term.

When the reporting of these grades changes your status, any overpayments will be assessed against you. The following are nonpunitive grades:

  • "N" No Pass. "P" is interpreted to mean "C" or above. Grades of "N" are reported to the VA regional office immediately following the term the grade is received.
    NOTE: Veterans should give careful consideration before registering for courses on a Pass/No Pass basis.
  • "I" Incomplete. The grade of "I" designates incomplete work in a course. The VA allows one year to remove an "I" and have a grade recorded.
    NOTE: Do not reregister for a course in which you have received an "I".
  • "NR" No Report. The instructor did not report a grade for the course. The VA allows one year to remove an "NR" and have a grade recorded.

Academic Bankruptcy

If you file for academic bankruptcy for semesters that were covered by veterans benefits, you will be required to pay back all benefits received for those terms.

Academic Dismissal

The University is required by law to report to the VA regional office any veteran or eligible person that is academically dismissed. These reports are made immediately following the term that you are academically dismissed.

To have benefits reinstated, you must follow University procedures to be removed from dismissal. Upon readmission to UNL, please notify the VA Clerk who will then report this release to the VA regional office.

Change of Program

If you receive VA educational benefits and have accumulated sixty or more credit hours (earned at UNL, transfer credit, or a combination of both), you must officially declare a college and a major.

Once a college and major have been declared, it is important that you consistently report the same college and major to the VA Clerk when processing any registration or certification paperwork. The VA allows one change of program without special approval.

If you wish to change your program, you should bring a statement from the new college of the hours that will apply to the new major and complete a "Change of Program" form (VA Form 22-1995 or 22-5495) at 107 Canfield Administration Building South.

How can you prevent overpayments?

You can prevent problems with overpayments by promptly notifying the VA Clerk of any changes affecting your educational benefits including:

  • dropping or adding a course or otherwise changing your enrollment
  • receiving a grade that does not count toward graduation (e.g., No Pass, Incomplete, No Report, and Withdrawal)
  • applying for academic bankruptcy for a term
  • changing your college and/or major

Remember, the sooner the VA is notified, the greater the possibility that an overpayment can be prevented.

Summer Benefits

The VA will pay for the Summer Session(s) you enroll in according to your Benefits Eligibility. To be certified for any Summer Enrollment, contact your School VA Clerk after enrolling in the course(s).

Credit Hour Enrollment Breakdown for VA Reporting

F/T 3/4 Time 1/2 Time
First & Second Semesters 12 Hours 9-11 Hours 6-8 Hours
Pre-session 2 Hours ---- 1 Hour
Eight-week Session 6 Hours 4-5 Hours 3 Hours
First Five-week Session 4 Hours 3 Hours 2 Hours
Second Five-week Session 4 Hours 3 Hours 2 Hours
F/T 3/4 Time 1/2 Time
First & Second Semesters 9 Hours 6-8 Hours 4-5 Hours
Pre-session 2 Hours ---- 1 Hour
Eight-week Session 4 Hours 3 Hours 1-2 Hours
First Five-week Session 3 Hours 2 Hours 1 Hour
Second Five-week Session 3 Hours 2 Hours 1 Hour