Wanted: Student Veterans to be Tutors

May 5, 2017

Wanted: Student Veterans to be Tutors

Student Veterans - helping - Student Veterans

In order to better support our student veterans, AND based on feedback we have received from our student veterans, the Military & Veteran Success (MVSC) will be providing tutoring services in both Math and Chemistry starting the Fall semester of 2017.

In order to do this, the MVSC would like to first offer the opportunity for our student veterans to apply to be a Math or Chemistry tutor.  

* $10.00/hr

* MATH:   Be proficient in Math 106 & 107, (Calculus-I & Calculus II)

* CHEMISTRY: Proficient in Chemistry 109 & 110

***If interested - please contact Deb Quinn, (dquinn2@unl.edu) or Darrell Everhart (deverhart2@unl.edu):  402-472-4130

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